Quantum generator NASER

Nanowave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

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As a result of scientific research of NASER Technology company, a NASER quantum generator was created on the basis of a new physical principle for the production of electromagnetic radiation. NASER is fundamentally different from all currently known quantum generators in the simplicity of its technical implementation, which does not require high energy and low temperatures. The new quantum generator allows to receive powerful electromagnetic radiation in the nanometer range. Patent applications for a device for the production of electromagnetic radiation by conduction electrons have been filed in the EU, USA, China, Singapore and the PCT.

A new generation of quantum generators following lasers (LASER — Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), was named NASER - Nanowave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The use of NASER quantum generator is the basis for the development of new energy-efficient technologies.

NASER – Detailed information

NASER Application

  • ChemistryChemistry
  • PharmaceuticalsPharmaceuticals
  • Engine buildingEngine building
  • MetallurgyMetallurgy
  • Oil and GasOil and Gas
  • Power EngineeringPower Engineering
  • Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering

  • NASER.Engine — engine on a nanorange electromagnetic radiation without ferromagnetic elements

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  • NASER.NHS — prototype of an industrial device for the production of hydrosol solutions with metal and mineral nanoparticles with unique antiseptic and antibacterial properties

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  • NASER.Oil — operating model for the destruction of substances by electromagnetic radiation: gases, liquids, hydrocarbons, minerals, metals

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  • NASER.CCAT — laboratory power supply model for autocathode fluorescent lamps — light sources much more power-savig than LEDs

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  • NASER.Med — laboratory model of the device for local controlled heating of living organisms tissues to the desired temperature

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